Dating a Sailor 20: The Revelation

“Ana, I am so deeply,deeply….deeply sorry that I hurt you so much. I am so sorry because I am so in love with you and I will spend the rest of my life telling you that. I will apologize to you everyday if that’s what you need, but please, please do not ever walk away from me again. This might be news to you but you kill me when you walk away, so don’t do that again.You are not the only one in this relationship. Its the two of us. So, you do not get to walk away. I will not survive that and I will not forgive you for that if ,if you do it again, if you think of separating yourself from me! Because I have loved you since the day I saw you, even before you saw me. The day you were staring outside the window of your car! I fell in love with you when I saw your eyes. Every part of me fell in love with you though you did not see me then. I love you in every way I can. Just tell me, you won’t walk away from me because I might not live that the next time.This might sound crazy but I am so so in love with you and I will continue to do that. And if you think I am giving you an ultimatum, I am, do you hear that?”, Sam said into my ears. I held him tight, listening.

“yes…I am not walking away ever.I understand that I am not walking away from someone who loves me so much, to not give up on me. I am glad you love me though..” , I said in his ears.

“No buts and no thoughs, its simple and let’s just keep it simple. And you’re standing on my feet!”,he said in my ears.

“Yes, I love you too,wait, what?”, We parted from each other. We had been glued to each other since a long time. We bursted out laughing like idiots.

“Hmmm..Omg! Huh! So what now?”,I asked my arms were wrapped around his neck.

“Now…Ummm..I am gonna stay like this until our legs give out.”, he said picking me up , removing my heels and making me stand on his feet.

“Sounds like a plan.Umm…So Sammy, tell me the whole story”, I said.

“What story?”,he asked,puzzled.

“You never told the before part. You never told me that.”, I said.

“Oh, that! I was waiting for an appropriate time”, he said, kissing my forehead.

“What time? Me leaving you?”, I asked.

“No! I don’t know. Just the right time. Did I tell you, you look amazing today? “, he said.

“Not really. You were busy berating me and trying to pout!”, I said, making a face.

“Aha! Well it worked. Didn’t it?”, he asked.

“Oh, So it was a plan?”, I said.