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This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
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Directions (Qs. 1 to 10):
Each of the following problems comprises a question followed by two statements
labeled (1) and (2). Use these statements and generic mathematical knowledge
(mathematical facts and other knowledge like number of hours in a day) to decide
whether the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Then mark your
answers according to the following:

(a) If you can get the answer
from (1) ALONE but not from (2) alone.

(b) If you can get the answer
from (2) ALONE but not from (1) alone.

(c) If you can get the answer
from BOTH (1) and (2) TOGETHER but not from (1) alone or (2) alone.

(d) If you CANNOT get the
answer from (1) and (2) TOGETHER and need more data.

1. How many philosophy books
does Amar have in his personal library?

(1) Amar has four times as many philosophy books as
physics books.

(2) Amar has 36 more philosophy books than physics

2. Is A an integer?

(1) A > 0

(2) (12)^2 + (5)^2 = A^2

3. Is X an odd integer?

(1) X/3 is an integer

(2) 3X is an odd integer

4. The latest hair-oil brand
of a multinational FMCG company contains coconut oil, oleic acid and perfume.
How much of coconut oil is present in its 500 ml bottle?

(1) The content of coconut oil is equal to the content
of oleic acid.

(2) By content, the mix is 1/6 perfume and 5/12 oleic acid.

Profits of an Indian multinational over a 4-year period averaged Rs.22 crore.
If the company made profits in all 4 years, in which of the years were the
profits greatest?

(1) In the 4th year, the profits of the company were
thrice the average of its profits for the first 3 years.

(2) Profits of the company were twice as great in the
2nd year and thrice as great in the 3rd year as in the 1st year.

6. What is the number of
360-degree rotations that a bicycle wheel makes while rolling 1,000 m in a
straight line without slipping?

(1) The wheel made 20 rotations (360-degrees) per

(2) The radius of the bicycle wheel is 0.3 m.

7. If ab = -12, then what is
the value of ab(a + b)?

(1) (ab)^2 = 36

(2) a – b = 7

In a marketing research survey for a new service launched by a cellular
services provider, did more than 60% respondents ‘Recommend’ the service?

(1) 60% of the female respondents ‘Liked’ the service
and exactly (1/3) rd of these would ‘Recommend’ the service.

(2) Exactly 20 male respondents would ‘Recommend’ the
services and they would make approximately 30% of the population surveyed.

9. What was the ratio of
administrative staff to the production staff in factory X last year?

(1) Last year, if the number of administrative staff
had been 12% higher, and if the number of production staff had been 20% higher,
then the number of administrative staff had been 80% of production staff.

(2) Last year, the number of production staff was 40
more than the number of administrative staff.

10. In which year was Sheetal

(1) Shalini, who is 3.5 years elder to Sheetal, was
born in 1975.

(2) Shefali, who is 2.5 years younger to Sheetal, is
now in high school.

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1(c)    2(b)    
3(b)    4(b)     5(a)    
6(b)   7(a)    8(d)    
9(c)    10(a)   

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