As the nightfall smiles,

she just comes along..

Not even waiting for a while..

strangling me, with feelings so strong.

Sun bids a good bye,

birds chirping,to take care,

they all seem too shy,

or maybe are aware..

Aware of her mystic beauty,

which is about to overwhelm,

as if its her duty,

to impress the entire realm.

A realm,that fears her,

for her overpowering strength,

of making vision blinded blur,

of spreading in entire breadth and length

And suddenly,she takes over,

struggling world tries to come at par,

begging fire to be their rover,

for showing them ways of near and far.

She understands their fears,

but still remains silent and calm..

unwarranted accusations,she bears,

sparkling stars become the healing balm..

Accusers still give her no respite,

looting achluophobics of their senses,

but so amazing is her awesome might,

simple silence ravages their defences..

Finally,her strength starts to fade,

I become a witness,as she weeps,

helplessly looking around for shade,

cruel world..simply sleeps..

And once again she is overpowered..

slowly leaving me with a hint of pain,

foolish worlds feels empowered,

insanely believing,it is safe again..

Leaving tracks in sand..

She vanishes without a clue..

Earnestly,with my heart in hand..

My dear,I will wait for you..!!!

PS-Dedicated to all of you insomniacs who love the darkness of night and her deafening silence…!

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