Daily News Inventory 15th November, 2013

India scores a win in Warsaw on emission cuts affecting farmers

● In the ongoing Warsaw talks India ensured that the talks remain focused on adapting agricultural practices to climate change and not on costly emission reduction measures that would impact farmers directly.

● Surprisingly enough, the US also supported India along with G77+China.

● The European Union has for several years been keen on ensuring that climate negotiations focus on reducing emissions in the agricultural sector.

● India, China and a large number of African countries have countered this by pointing out that emission reduction efforts in the agricultural sector would affect farmers — who constitute a large percentage of the population, and are often the poorest, in the developing world.

● Developing countries argued that instead of emission cut in agriculture sector,emission cuts should be focused on fossil-fuel based activities

● One of the lead negotiators for India said “It’s the emphatic realisation and thrust on adaptation in agriculture, given the diversity of needs and concern of poor countries, that was realised by one and all.”

● It should be noted that Paddy fields and livestock are some of the biggest causes of emissions – reduction in emissions in the sector has major implications for India and China.

Centre :“NO” total autonomy for CBI

● Centre has rejected the CBI’s demand for total autonomy for CBI in Supreme Court.

● Centre said the non-statutory changes in the administrative arrangement sought by the CBI would have a deleterious effect on the criminal justice system.

● CBI has argued that the changes would ensure functional efficacy and insulate investigation from outside interference, but Centre said these objectives could be achieved without disturbing the present statutory scheme of government, with necessary checks and balances established at several levels.

A range of wetlands needed for bird conservation: Study

Article 371(D) under focus

India on alert against polio import

Afghan Opium poppy cultivation hits record levels :UN

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