Cut-offs will be lower for CAT 2013?

According to CAT 2013 Testing partner Prometric, the number of test takers for CAT 2013 is 173,738 against the total 194,516 registered aspirants. As the number of test takers is low and the total number of seats in IIMs is increased by 115 to reach total count of 3,335, undoubtedly the over-all cutoffs will be lower this year. Ideally, the ratio of total number of seats to total number of test takers should be taken into consideration for the difficulty of securing a seat. Let us have another view.

Although the cutoffs will be lower this year, the competition is not reduced that much. As each year around 25,000 serious aspirants will be fighting for a seat in IIM, rests are already out of race. What I feel is that count of overall test takers is reduced, not of the serious test takers. If serious aspirants are decreased, the decrement will be almost negligible.

Taking above rationale to be true, getting 99%ile this year will be tougher than previous year. Last year 1895 aspirants crossed the 99%ile mark. This year to cross 99%ile mark, you will have to be among top 1737. So, it is quite clear that getting 1737 out of 25000 is tougher than getting 1895 out of 25000.Let us assume serious aspirants in 2012 was 27000, then also it was easier to get 99%ile in 2012.

Again, getting into old IIMs is still tougher as most of the 115 seats increased are in new IIMs. However, getting into new IIM is easier than previous year.

Let us wait for results and shortlisting process.

All the best for all CAT 2013 aspirants!!!