CSAB refund riddled with technical issues

The Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) and the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) announced the details of the Fee Refund for students who sought admissions to any NITs/IIITs/GFTIs. 

However, some students are being denied fees refund despite fulfilling refund norms. One student named Abhishek Goyal of Jhalawar (Rajasthan) told that he was not allocated any seat during the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) rounds after which he participated in the Special round of CSAB 2015 Counseling in which he got Electronics and Communication Branch at NIT Manipur but he neither took admission nor reported at Participating Institute (PI) (NIT Manipur). “Now when I have entered the CSAB website for refund it has reflected me message that he is not eligible to submit the fee refund request”, he said.

Citing reason for denial of refund, the website has stated that since he was allotted seat in special round and later he had reported at PI. However, he claimed that NIT Manipur is around 3000 Kilometers away from his place and he has not reported at NIT, Manipur but even then I have been debarred from fees refund which is a very handsome amount. Abhishek is not the lone student as certain other students have also complaints regarding fees refund.

While refund norms are falling in way of some students seeking fees refund.

One Naman Sharma of Kota told that he got IIIT Trichi in the JoSAA Counseling round and later reported at the Reporting center at NIT, Jaipur but did not took admission in IIIT Trichi due to dissatisfaction. Later he participated in the CSAB Counseling in which he got seat in BIT, Mesra (Ranchi) but he neither reported at the PI nor took admission there. “Now when I have not taken admission through JoSAA or CSAB so my fees should be refunded which is handsome amount of Rs 44,000.” he said.

Counselor at Allen Career Institute of Kota, Amit Ahuja informed that some students have called him citing problems in getting refund.