Ever wonder what top rankers do differently to achieve those numbers that you thought were definitely within your reach? You studied well, and to the best of your capacity and capability. Then what went wrong and where? What is the missing link that will bridge the gap between your score and the highest scores achieved? Even if every student does not have access to the same study material for the competitive exam, there are certain traits that are consistent with top rankers.

Listed below are the habits that are unanimous to all achievers in examinations. We believe that these simple yet essential techniques will ensure that you get rightfully paid for all the hardwork and diligence you put in throughout the months.   

Consistency – Come what may, sticking to your routine should be your priority. The same schedule everyday may get monotonous, but your marksheet will speak volumes of how you handled this mundane routine.

Strong Fundamentals – The key to a bright academic future lies in the clarity of fundamental concepts. Often these basic concepts lay the base for understanding complicated theories. It is essential to follow the sequence of chapters/concepts laid out in the study material. It is therefore highly recommended that all key concepts are systematically studied.   

Periodic Revision – No matter how committed you are to the routine you have laid out for yourself, there will be days when you won’t feel like starting new chapters. Days like these are ideal for revision. Revision is less time consuming and brings a feeling of contentment.

Highlighted Concepts – Identifying important chapters/concepts helps prioritise the syllabus. Just like its vital to lay emphasis on the basic concepts, identifying the chapters that have weightage in the exam will assist you to carefully allocate sufficient amount of time to these important topics.    

Confidence – Confidence for any exam can only be built by solving questions and mock tests repeatedly. Learning and retaining theories is only half the battle, testing your knowledge and applying them to questions, is how you ace all important exams.

Don’t idolise the person who has broken records in the educational sector. The top ranker is an ordinary man who has found ways to study in an extraordinary manner. They aren’t exclusive to any one – create your opportunity today!

The Plancess Edusolutions team is present on PaGaLGuY with the user id @plancess. Write to them to get more tips and ideas. This article was originally published on their blog JEE-Mag, and has been lightly edited for clarity.

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