Communication Lessons from Cricket Legend Sachin’s Farewell Speech

Yes, world knows Sachin is planning and working on his retirement. We witnessed his retirement from one dayer’s. Still the last day of his test match evoked an extremely high level of emotional response from across the world. Sachin’s farewell speech is instrumental in striking the right chord in the hearts of millions. It made over 1.3 billion people cry for the first time in the history

Amitava Mitra, COO, Percept Communications has commented that the “Brand Tendulkar just got bigger post his retirement … A heart-tugging farewell speech has added yet another dimension to Sachin’s persona” (19, Nov., 2013, Times of India). Oscar winning musician A.R. Rehman has stated in his face book page that he really was moved by Sachin’s speech.

What made Sachin’s farewell speech click?

* He used simple, concise and succinct and power packed language to express himself.

a. In his words about his wife Anjali “You are the best partnership that I had in my life”

b. About his coach Achrekar, “Maybe he can push his luck and wish me now, well done on my career, because there are no more matches, sir, in my life”

* He used a small note with pointers to ensure that he does not miss anyone. In fact this narration style helped the listeners to understand and comprehend the significance of the roles played by different people in his career spanning 24 years.

* The Stanford commencement speech 2005 of Steve Jobs, which is a prepared text, is appreciated till date as one of the inspirational presentations by Communication experts and no doubt Sachin’s impromptu farewell speech has joined the club.

* If one reads the text and listens to the speech, it is more subtle and powerful. It helps us to understand the complimentary role played by written and oral/visual communication.

* Sachin is not a personality who would normally complicate personal life with career. In his fare well speech he was definitely successful in presenting the emotional part of his life in a professional context.

* His body language had been so powerful. He did not cry – but brought the tears out and made us to cry.

Is that not a standing evidence for his communication excellence??

Watch the video here:


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Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai.