CMAT scorecards out: B-schools still making sense of CMAT scores for use in admissions

A screenshot of a blank CMAT scorecard

Five days after All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) declared the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) results on their website, it released the individual scorecards for all CMAT aspirants today. While the earlier results declared on March 11, 2012 had published only the rank and the total marks obtained by students, today’s scorecards also share sectional marks.

However, percentiles — a staple of Indian management entrance tests — are conspicuous by their absence. Dr N Sambandam, dean (academics) at Goa Institute of Management (GIM), said that it was a conscious decision by the AICTE to not disclose percentiles to the students. However, all the colleges who are considering CMAT scores for admissions will be provided a complete list of the marks obtained by all the students who appeared for the exam. With such a list, institutes can calculate percentiles themselves if they need to.

On its part, GIM has e-mailed everyone who had applied through CMAT requesting them to communicate their scores and ranks.

Out of about 7,500 applications that the institute received, 550-odd have come through CMAT, Sambandam sais. The cutoff will be declared once the institute gets all the scores from candidates.

KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai is accepting CMAT scores for admissions to PGDM in Financial Services, Retail Management and Executive, for which the application deadline has been extended up to April 20. Suresh Ghai, director-general of KJ Somaiya said that the institute will consider CMAT at an equal footing with other management exams.

On the other hand, Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad is yet to zero in on an admission strategy for CMAT. The application deadline for the institute has already passed. IMT is however accepting CMAT scores for admissions to its Nagpur and Hyderabad campuses. While IMT too has requested its CMAT applicants to communicate their results to the institute, it is still not sure how it would use the scores.

Dr AM Sherry, admission chairperson at IMT Ghaziabad said that since this was the first CMAT, it would take the institute some time before they will be able to decide on a specific admission strategy. He said that the institute would be working on equalising the scores of CAT, GMAT and CMAT.

Colleges in Maharashtra that usually conduct their admissions via the Maharashtra CET will be accepting CMAT scores for their Outside Maharashtra Students (OMS) category seats. The state’s Directorate of Technical Education will operate the admissions process. If candidates have applied through both the CET and the CMAT, DTE will pick up the best of the two scores. For those who have applied only through CMAT, DTE will convert their scores to be equivalent to the CET.

Meanwhile, Rav Singh of CET coaching workshops ‘CETking’ sent us the following projected cutoffs for CMAT based on his analysis.


Expected CMAT Cut off score

Expected CMAT Cut off Rank




Sydenham MMS



KJ Somaiya MMS



Welingkar MMS



Welingkar PG



KJ Somaiya PG



Goa Institute of Management



IMT Nagpur



IMT Hyderabad