Classes for Autumn Session 2016 at NIT Srinagar might resume from November 1

The National Institute of Technology, Srinagar (NIT-S) has been in the news for almost half a year now. It started with an in-campus brawl over T20 cricket match in April 2016. Prof MA Ahanger, Dean, Academic Affairs, NIT-S, said, “The institute will remain shut throughout October as the situation is not still conducive for running classes.”

If the conditions in Kashmir are settled by the end of this month, NIT-S could resume classes from November 1, 2016. Prof Ahanger, added,  “We will use all holidays including weekends, and winter vacations to cover up the lost time, and try to finish the syllabus by December end, or as fast as possible.”

The destruction caused by the disturbances in the Kashmir Valley is not only restricted to commercial but educational establishments as well. All educational institutes, and universities are shut for the last three months.

“Currently, there are about 170 students inside the campus, who refuse to leave their rooms during the day because of the curfew. They come out only in the evenings,” said Prof JA Bhat, Dean, Planning and Development, NIT-S.

Some students are preparing for competitive exams, some of them are studying by themselves for the semester. Only the lectures are not taking place, otherwise the library is open (which students are hardly visiting), and mess is functioning. Prof AB Liman, Dean, Student Welfare, NIT-S, said, “I am not visiting the institute due to the ongoing curfew, I hope the conditions get back to normal soon, and we start with the Autumn session 2016.”

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