CISCE to Release Common Examination Papers: Applicable to Class 9 And 11

Centrally aligned examination question papers for Class 9th and 11th will be set up by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). Question Papers will be prepared covering all major subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects. However, for minor subjects such as physical education, arts, etc., the examination paper will be prepared by respective teachers only. Official website is .

Centrally set papers will be circulated to all across schools; however, it will be checked internally by each school. A cumulative average score of marks obtained in both the examination; Unit Test and Annual Examination, will be considering promoting from class 9th to 10th and from class 11th to 12th. Unit Test, though, can be conducted and prepared by respective school teachers for assessment.

When asked in an interview, Gerry Arathoon, Chairperson of CISCE, said, “We are making student ready for upcoming board examination by aligning question papers centrally. No student, appearing for their boards, should feel that they are encountering something completely new. Uniformity of these question papers for the examination will also prepare teachers to understand the patterns and teach accordingly. Familiarity amongst student will grow, and standardized level of teaching will be maintained.”

Further to his discussion, Gerry also recommended, “Students to take this examination as a sample to boards only, and should not take any pressure about it. This move is only helping each student to score more in their final preparation of boards.”