Choosing the right branch of engineering

Congratulations to the two Maharashtra Common Entrance Test 2016 toppers; Chinmay Ghanekar and Aman Framewala.They both have scored 199 marks in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths).

Both the toppers wanted to secure their admission at VJTI (Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute), Mumbai. And as you can see in the images, both of them have been successful in doing so in the first Centralised Allocation Process (CAP) round itself.

Aman Framewala secured a seat in Computer Engineering at VJTI, Mumbai. This Mumbai based institute has witnessed a history of MHT-CET toppers being admitted in its Computer Engineering Department. Once you score above 185 in MHT-CET, you are expected to make it to Computer Engineering at VJTI. This year, 23 students who scored above 185 in MHT-CET have sought admission in Computer Engineering at VJTI.

What makes Computer Engineering popular among toppers is the placements it offers with dream companies like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Facebook, IBM, Rakuten, etc offering packages as high as 52 lakhs.

Surprisingly, Chinmay Ghanekar hasn’t followed this trend. He rather opted for a seat in Mechanical Engineering at VJTI. What is more surprising is that only one student scoring above 185 in MHT-CET has sought admission in Mechanical Engineering at VJTI and the lone candidate is the topper – Chinmay Ghanekar. As you can see in the image, the second candidate who has sought admission in Mechanical Engineering has 181 marks; that is 18 marks and 266 ranks behind Chinmay!

Now, why do CET toppers follow the trend of seeking admission in Computer Engineering at VJTI?

Is it that all toppers are interested in Computer Science or that all those interested in Computer Science are toppers? Of course, not!

People just follow the herd. All they think about is the placements, the companies and the college and the salaries; nobody cares about the branch of their interest.

Nobody thinks about what they are going to learn in the four years of engineering. People just think about the placement that a branch offers and not about the curriculum. All they want is to get into a branch of a good college that offers the best placements.

Choosing the right branch of engineering is more important than choosing an engineering colleges on account of placements. After all, what is better – Wasting four years of engineering studying things you don’t like or choosing an interesting branch and making innovations in your field of interest?

You must know where your interests lie and it’s not that difficult to figure out. If you are crazy about machines, if you love mechanics and thermodynamics, then you are fit for Mechanical Engineering. If you are good at coding, then you must go for Computer Engineering. If you are good at solving all those complicated electrical circuits and networks, then you belong to Electronics Engineering. If you are fascinated by huge structures, then you must be in Civil Engineering. If you are good at transformers and motors, then go for Electrical Engineering. If you like satellites and antennas, then you belong to Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

So, if you are confused over which branch to take in engineering, now you know what to do.

Choose wisely!

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