Check out Aman Goel’s recipe for tackling Maths in JEE Adv 2016

You can solve a problem better after identifying it. The following questions will help you identify where are you going

 Are you forgetting formulas in exam?

Make a sheet enlisting all important

Are you making silly mistakes in the questions you already know?

Make sure to learn from the silly
mistake and ensure that you do not repeat it.

Are you not able to solve certain types of questions?

Make sure to do ample of questions of
that type.

Are you not able to solve problems of a particular chapter?

Make sure you saturate yourself with
all possible problems of that chapter from all available standard textbooks.

Are you not able to solve questions fast?

Make sure you do regular revision and
practice questions with a clock beside you to time yourself.

The idea is to analyse every paper you solve. Analyse your mistakes. Think of
questions like

Where did I go wrong?

Did I make silly mistake?

Is it that you find it difficult to solve questions of a particular chapter?

These questions will help you
find the issue and perform better.

All the best for JEE Advanced!