Channels Weekly Digest: Sep 29 to Oct 6, 2013

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.

― Stephen King

It’s been close to three weeks since we launched Channels to everyone and since then we have seen enthusiastic contributions by the authors among you. Congratulations to everyone who has published their work and enjoyed engaging with their audience. Starting today, we bring you this new weekly digest selecting the best and most popular articles every week, containing the five most read articles and an additional Editor’s Pick of the most exquisitely written pieces of work.

The Editors’ Picks

The best of the lot, picked by our editors.

1. My Weird and Bizarre Experiences in the Delhi Metro by Taruna Manchanda

2. Sentinel, a five-part series by Free Bird

3. Yeh Kashmir Hai, a photo feature by Priyanka Mitra

The Most Read Articles

Articles that have had the most pageviews.

1. I Don’t Want to Write the CAT by Swisss. Read 2,262 times.

2. Future of CAT by Souvik Ghosh. Read 1,983 times.

3. The Journey of My Failure Continued, But… by Sukrut Khambete. Read 1,571 times.

4. Engineer to MBA by Praveen Kashyap. Read 1,425 times.

5. The Bench by Dhirendra Sinha. Read 1,178 times.

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