Channels Weekly Digest: Jan 29-Feb 4

From this week, instead of bringing to you separate Editor’s Picks and The Most Read Articles, the Channels Weekly Digest will simply contain a collection of the best articles called Recommended Reads of the week. A separate Editor’s Picks channel will contain some of the more quality work contributed to Channels.

Recommended Reads of the Week:

1. Death by Rahul Daga. Read 815 times.

2. The Orange Thief by Raghav. Read 644 times.

3. Demolishing the Destiny for Revival. The tragic Story of a desperate CAT Aspirant by Pradeep P. Read 5,330 times.

4. Narendra Bhai Modi: every vote counts! by Tushar Batra. Read 1,200 times.

5. Movie Review: Dedh Ishqiya by Raghav. Read 562 times.

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