Channels Weekly Digest: April 9-15

PaGaLGuY Channels brings you the most Recommended Reads from April 9-15.

1. 3 Reasons Why I Will Not Vote For Modi by Lekha Kamat. Read 6,175 times.

2. Why we should vote for BJP or AAP? by Vaibhav Soni. Read 3,104 times.

3. Part 1 – The Annoying Driver by jacks jill. Read 1,019 times.

4. Spamming your MBA Dreams by John Doe. Read 1,284 times.

5. All Time Best 100 Movies: Author’s Pick 2014 by Murtaza Ali. Read 1,727 times.

6. Why ranking rankles by C Gopinath. Read 825 times.

7. How to Calculate Actual ROI by Saurav Gupta. Read 2,679 times.

8. TV Radar: Silicon Valley by Mihir Fadnavis. Read 165 times.

9. The Congress Gets Desperate by Arun Jaitley. Read 412 times.

10. Education in Politics Helps, But Only if Backed up with Work Experience by Jyotiraditya Scindia. Read 1,074 times.

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