Chairperson of SCPCR draws paintings round the clock to motivate students in Kota

Taking initiative for motivating the coaching students in the coaching capital of the country, the Chairperson of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR), Rajasthan, Manan Chaturvedi did a 24-hour-long painting marathon in Kota, which depicted life and positivity.

Concerned over the student suicides in Kota, Manan Chaturvedi started a painting marathon on the platform of her hydraulic four-wheeler vehicle on Sunday evening outside City Mall of Kota which is close to the parts of Kota that have a lot of coaching students. The 43-year-old lady chairperson of SCPCR used both, her hands as well as a brush, to draw paintings on plastic sheets and canvas through the night amidst the gathering of coaching students with banners all around, conveying a message to students about staying positive in life. Chaturvedi, in her paintings, depicted childhood, girl child, children, freedom, children flying kites in open skies, balloons flying high, the moon, sea, rising sun and other paintings that were full of life.

Chaturvedi said that the objective of the painting marathon was to motivate students about life and also allow them to express themselves. With student-oriented songs playing from the music system on her platform, Chaturvedi also danced with the students and interacted with them. Some students even gifted their painting and posters to Chaturvedi on the occasion. When she asked one of the coaching student who had gifted her a painting about his interest, the coaching student said that he wanted to become an artist, but his parents wanted him to study and he is fine with it. He added that he still paints when he gets the time and is pursuing his hobby.

Chaturvedi aims to create around 70 paintings by the end of her painting marathon and has pledged to use the funds she raises from selling her paintings for the cause of destitute children. Chaturvedi is taking care of around 127 destitute children through her Non-Government Organization (NGO) and has done paintings in different cities of India and abroad. Harish Gurubakshani, Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, Kota said that the effort of Manan Chaturvedi is exemplary as she took it upon herself to do something for the sake of motivating the coaching students of Kota and did not wait for anyone else. The painting marathon will conclude today evening (November 28).

Chaturvedi told students to stay positive in life and battle out the challenges that they might face. She informed students that SCPCR will organize more fun activities in the future. She also kept a complaint box and asked students to drop their complaints or views on which the SCPCR will take cognizance.

When asked about Chaturvedi’s initiative, a coaching aspirant, Priyanki Kumari said that the message of the painting marathon was clear that one should express oneself in life and pursue whatever one wants to follow in life. Another aspirant, Manoj Kumar stated that colours always motivate in life and it was nice witnessing someone creating paintings live.