Chairman’s Address – IMT Ghaziabad’s PGDM Program

The Program Architecture at IMT, Ghaziabad which was made operational from the batch of 2017-19 is based on the concept of imparting Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude.  In the Attitude, part core courses like Outbound Leadership Lab, Personal Growth Lab, Individual and Group Dynamics have been included at the onset of the program in the Foundation module. The hands-on the administrative skill of the student is being inculcated through core course called Learning Organizational Realities through Organization Based Projects. Design Thinking and Sustainability and Social Responsibility are also skill imparting courses. Knowledge has been the focus of the curriculum which now allows students to study in Major and Minor specialization The Major specialization starts with the core electives in First Year before the Summer Internship and continues in the Second Year after the Summer Internship.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility (SSR) is a special course which entails  experiential learning  and is aimed at skill development to enable the students imbibe the ethos of sustainability and social responsibility; and experience the ‘Joy of Contribution’  through hands-on execution of live social projects. For the purpose of leveraging experiential learning IMT, Ghaziabad developed partnerships with the District Magistrate’s Office in Ghaziabad and 12 NGOs, all reputed and predominantly national-level, namely Agewell Foundation, AROH Foundation, Empowering Minds, Lakshyam, Project KHEL, Social and Development Research and Action Group (SADRAG), Smile Foundation, Teach For India.

The innovative curriculum and pedagogy of the course were presented in Global Forum for Responsible Management Education that was held in conjunction with the United Nations Political Forum on Sustainable Development, at the UN Headquarters and Fordham University in New York City, where it was received with accolades. The SSR initiative also won the Gold Award at the ‘IMC Awards 2017’, the most prestigious award in the management education field in India, under the theme: “Developing a Future Ready Curriculum”, as part of the Indian Management Conclave 2017 hosted by IIM Lucknow