CBS, Chennai :: Stop Inhaling, Start Breathing!!!!

The world awaits none.

We live in an era where competition is pervasive. Survival of the fittest starts the very moment you are born. Competition in education is a whole new level. Did anyone foresee a parent queuing up the whole night just to get the admission form for their 5 year old kid? My grandma thought I was joking when I told her this. The fee for a kindergarten student almost equivalent the fee for an engineering student these days.

Similarly social media platforms have given a chance for everyone to voice out their views. We cannot deny the fact that the lifestyle of mankind has metamorphosed into something which is purely unimaginable.

This change is mainly due to technology. Technology has helped us cross walls, breach barriers and to become closer to people around the globe. Smart phones and eCommerce have altered the whole DNA of trade. We see without buying and we buy without seeing.

Some people believe that this is the most innovative era of mankind. Some world leaders claim that this is the best time to live. While most of the privileged population may agree with this, there are non-conformist who challenge this.

I am not here to complain about technology. I am just saying people are becoming semi robots. They are less people oriented. Only a few smile back at you when you smile or wave at them as they are engrossed with their tabs or smartphones. I feel that a human being needs to keep everything at balance.

One has to value his family, his society and the community. He has to connect more with people.

I feel sorry for most people today. In this society we think we live for ourselves but we are all so involved in pleasing others. We are worried what people in Facebook think about us more than what we think about ourselves. The current generation sees the world more through the screen of a smart phone rather than their own eyes. They fail to appreciate the “wow” moments. The moments that makes you breathe faster… the moments that take your breath away.

Let us keep technology aside for some time and look at simpler things in life. You have to be old school once in a while.

I believe we all have simple things in life which we love, that makes us skip a heartbeat. Let it be music, dancing, running, flying kites or even having a friendly fist fight with your best pal. These are things which give you an adrenaline rush and allow you to feel the real essence of life.

I am going to describe mine.

Something happens at 80 km/h. My heartbeat synchronizes with the thudding engine noise. My body feels lighter while my hands grip tighter. The only thing on my mind is the road ahead of me, everything else goes blank. Your thoughts are clearer and all the problems in your life vanish. Suddenly I realize I am not on the road but I am a part of it. The long rides, midnight teas, sleepless nights and the unspoken companionship with fellow riders. These are the moments which remind me how beautiful life is. I am sure we all have some moments like this. What are yours? Identify your moment. That is the only thing that will keep you sane in the world of GBs and mbps.

My whole argument here is not about smartphones, technology or eCommerce, it is about a generation which just lives a digital world with digital friends having digital pets eating digital food. A generation so glued and addicted to technology that they forget to realize what is happening around them.

Our planet is vast. Learn to explore it physically. Pause a few minutes from your busy work schedule and observe the two stray puppies playfully fighting each other. Go food hunting with your buddies from time to time instead of ordering it online. Play football and get bruised once in a while rather than playing candy crush. Enjoy life from time to time.