CAT 2016 First Slot: Candidates say DI LR was difficult, paper lengthy

Candidates outside a CAT examination centre in Navi Mumbai. Photo: Priyank Pamkar

CAT (Common Admission Test) 2016 got off to a fairly smooth start this morning in 135 cities across the country. While a few centres (according to the candidates who took the exam there) reported technical glitches and spoke about computers not functioning, overall the experience was a pleasant one.

Of course DI LR (Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning) spoilt the show for many people today.  Quite a few found it tough when compared to the other Sections. Kanika Arora, from Delhi, said, “I spent more time on DI LR, there were some tricky questions in Quantative Aptitude (QA) as well.” 

Another aspirant from Pune, Navdeep Bajaj, said, “I attempted only 50% of the paper, it was quite lengthy. It didn’t go quite well for me.”

Those attempting CAT for the first time also found the first slot a little difficult to digest. The old formula that the first slot exam is easier than the second slot did not apply today. Anuj Gupta, a candidate from Pune, said, “My first attempt was not as good as I had expected it to be. Only the Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehensions section was easy for me. Though QA was a little lengthy, DI LR was quite difficult for me.”

But for those re-attempting CAT, the paper was a better deal than previous years. PaGaLGuY spoke to a couple of people who thought this year’s first slot exam was a cake walk compared to last year at least. A Mumbai candidate, Harsh Tripathi, took CAT again this year, as his CAT 2015 was not high. He said, “This year the paper was much easier. I attempted almost 75% of it. All three sections were easier than last year, especially DI LR. QA was easy too, but it was lengthy. Overall, I am content with my performance this year.”

Some candidates faced server issues, and technical glitches, but the authorities were vigilant, and rectified the issues. Prince Jain, an aspirant from Mumbai, said, “Three to four servers were down, it happened with many people in the room. The authorities were vigilant, so it was immediately taken care of. But the flow was disturbed. We did put it in the feedback form as well.”

This is PaGaLGuY giving you a timely update  after the first sot CAT 2016 exam has got over- the first review you will find anywhere.

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