CAT 2013, Day 1, Slot 1 Analysis

The CAT paper was Tough in comparison to last year’s paper. It was fraught with questions to put the CAT aspirant on edge. A fair variety of questions were put in. The Interpretative, Grammar, and Granular Understanding Skills of the aspirant were put to test. A repeat of a question from the previous year’s paper was a blessing in disguise. The paper suitably lived to the level that the CAT Exam is synonymous with.per Analysis:

Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation

Although different students had different set of papers, the one which I wrote was biased towards functions, quadratic equations and geometry. The paper was tougher as compared to last year, but a student who has prepared well and has been doing well in mocks should find the section to be good enough to crack around 20-22 questions. There was a question which was from previous years’ CAT as well. DI was of average level and if you are good with percentages and calculations you should be able to crack the set. It comprised of Venn diagram, Tabular data & Bar Graph. Understanding the language was very important to crack them comfortable. Good Attempts – 20 + with max 2 wrong.

Section 2: Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning

Verbal ability had questions covered from varied topics like, Para Jumbles, Incorrect usage of word, Paragraph completion, and unwanted sentence. There were 3 sets on Reading Comprehension which had both inferential as well as factual questions. One could have easily attempted 2 out of 3 RCs Logical Reasoning was of average to difficult level, with one set being a cakewalk & other 2 could have been cracked if one is patient as well as persistent. Good Attempts – 23 + with max 3 wrong. Overall Good attempts – 42 + with 90% accuracy. Note: In both the sections there was enough number of solvable questions. Test taker is advised to go through the complete paper; failing which she/he might miss the sitters, as it is quite possible that solvable questions are towards the end of the section.

Disclaimer: This is a personal analysis. Aspirants are suggested to go through every topic as the Paper sets will be different across all slots.

Other things which you can take care of:

A) Ensure your pencil is sharpened and eraser is good (you will be provided with the same at your centre). You may ask for an extra pencil and keep it.

B) Ensure you utilize the rough sheet well, as you won’t be provided with extra rough sheet – you might need good space to solve LR sets.

C) You might have to wait for enough time in front of your screen with nothing to do – to avoid this you may check in late and hence keep your mind relaxed.

D) Follow the instructions given by the Procter properly. Start the test along with others; otherwise there will be enough people around to bother you in initial and final period of the test.