Career Point Students shine in French Spell Bee

Students from Career Point Pre-Foundation Division have dazzled in the National Competition of French Language organized by Frendi Education.

Shailendra Maheshwari, Academic Director, Career Point said that four students of Career Point – Sajal Goel (class 5), Vidushi Maheshwari, Tania Jain and Chia Gupta (all class 8) – participated in the final round of the National Competition of French language at the national level which was organized by Frendi Education. They have won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal and 2 zonal trophies.

He added that a total of 100 teams participated from all over the country and the team stood 1st at the state level and 7th at the national level. When seeking reactions of the winners, Vidushi Maheshwari said, “French is a very interesting language and the second famous language after English internationally. We enjoyed learning French. If I can speak, write & read French then I will definitely be given more priority over others at the time of a job interview.”

Another winner Tania Jain said “We enjoyed learning French and our coach made it very interesting and easy to learn.” She said that French is very famous language and it helps in boosting your professional career if you know two or more foreign languages.