Candidates snap at SNAP results, say wrong questions hampered scores


Just a day after the CAT ‘purred’, it was time for being SNAP ‘ed’ at. The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) 2011 results that were declared yesterday has left many aspirants worked up. Not the top scorers though, who seem content with the results, but most of those who have scored between 80 and 110. These aspirants feel that cutting down the final assessment questions from 180 to 175 (after an uproar by students regarding a few wrong questions) have somehow affected their final scores.


For instance, Bhuvan Gupta, who scored 114 said that he was expecting a score between 110 to 115 but Mitul Jain, who scored 99 said that he was expecting a score of at least 110. Coaching institutes also agree with the aggrieved lot of students. We are still in the process of collating data, however, from the information received till now, 105 is the top score amongst test takers in our institute, said Gautam Puri, managing director, Career Launcher. He further said that every management test had errors and that it was an unfortunate loss for the test takers. I believe that if the paper is tough and the assessment is out of 175, the cut-offs will be low. Absolute score does not matter if you have cleared the cut-off,” he said.


Shibashis Sen Gupta, business head, IMS (Deccan region) said that the overall scores had slid by 10 to 15 points this year. Good students who could score above 100 have on an average received scores between 80 and 90. Also, a considerable amount of test takers have received scores between 60-70. He added: There are very few number of test takers who have scored anywhere close to 120 to 130.


Many test takers told PaGaLGuY that they could have fared much more had they not wasted time in trying to solve questions that were wrong or had wrong answers as options. I could have scored more had I not wasted time in answering wrong questions. Also, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge sections were tough, which further added to my unsatisfactory score, said Siddhi Bohra, a Bachelor in Business Management who scored 77. She further said, I used to score above 95 consistently in mock tests. I thought I would at least score that much in the test.”


Mitul Jain, a BTech from Nirma University said, I scored 99, though I was expecting at least 110. SIU’s decision of assessment out of 175 has actually not solved the problem because the time wasted in solving wrong questions cannot be compensated and it is evident for my score card.


Removing five questions and reducing the total marks does not serve the purpose. Some students might have marked those questions correctly by assuming some data (for example, in case of the question in Quant where the denominator was missing; it was obvious for most test takers that it was the correct answer). These students have not only lost out on better scores but they have also lost time and effort spent on those questions. Even if a test-taker spent 1-2 minutes on a wrong question, how does SIU compensate for the time wasted? Had these anomalies not been there, they could have invested this time on other questions and increased their score, said Parasharan Chari, chief operating officer, Endeavor Careers. A strong trend is being observed wherein students with paper code H have seen the maximum difference (read drop) in their actual score as compared to their expected score. The minimum difference is -7 and the maximum is -20 till now. Students believe that there is a mistake in the answer key of H coded papers, he added.


Bhuvan Gupta, a BTech student, who scored 114 said, “I was expecting a score between 110 to 115, in fact many of my friends who were expecting above 100 have got between 80-90 points. All of us spent considerable time solving questions, which were wrong and an already tough paper became lengthy to be completed, he said.


Last year there were many test takers of SNAP who had scored 140 on 180. However, this year there is no one close to a score of 120, said Chari. He further said, Getting a score of 115 was considered to be decent as aspirants could opt for other institutes under the Symbiosis wing in case they couldn’t make it to Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune.


Dr Anil Keskar, dean (academics), Symbiosis International University (SIU) talking about possible slide in cut-offs this year said, Each institute will declare its cut-off within a week and no disclosures regarding cut-offs can be made at this point.

Institutes Last year’s cut-off
(Open category)
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) 118
Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) 107.5
Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) 109
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management (SITM) Marketing and Finance 94.75
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management (SITM) Systems and Finance 89


A Ray of Hope


Amidst the many sullen faces, there is one who has a big smile on her face. Twenty-year-old Akshata Malhotra, a BCom final year student of Symbiosis Institute of Arts and Commerce (SIAC), Pune scored a decent 137.5 out of 175 and is one of the top scorers of SNAP 2011. Akshata speaks about how it feels to have sort of turn the tide on her side while only a few aspirants have been able to score beyond 120.


Congratulations! How do you feel?


Unbelievable! My family is extremely happy and overwhelmed. I was stunned when I saw the final score of 137.5 out of 175. The feeling of scoring above 130 in SNAP this year, which was one of the toughest tests is yet to sink in.


How did your family and friends react to your score?


My dad did not believe my score as he knew that this year’s test was controversial. So, he immediately asked for my login id and checked the score.


In which sections did you score the most?


I was always apprehensive about my Quant score as I am not that good in Maths. Still I managed to get 33.75 out of 38; my Verbal Ability score is 34.5 on 38, Logical Reasoning score is 39.5 out of 60 and GK is 29.75 on 39.


Were you expecting this score since the paper this year had errors and students have been complaining about wasting time?


I was the only one amongst my friends who was happy after taking the test. I remember my friends were extremely disappointed on the day of test as they had wasted a lot of time in solving questions which were incorrect or incomplete. However, I paced my time for each section and was able to answer all of them in the best possible manner. I was expecting above 110 however, 137.5 was awesome.


Did you join a coaching institute?


I had enrolled in IMS when I was in the second year of my graduation. I had worked rigorously for the past one year to get a decent score to confirm my entry into SIBM. Initially, my mock test results demoralised me, however, with every next test I got better. I had also practiced solving last few years test papers of SNAP.


So, how are you celebrating?


Of course! I will spend time with family and friends, however, the real party will begin when I get an admission at SIBM. As of now, I will concentrate for the next round.


Any message to SNAP test takers


Never underestimate any test. Surprisingly, this year’s toughest management test has been SNAP.