Business of Bade Lalas and Chote Lalas

Business in India is as ancient as the invention of Zero. Today,it may have reached great heights across Global locations. But simply, business in India could be classified into two- one that is run by a Bade Lala and another by a Chote Lala.

Yes, you guessed it right, lala here is best described as that pot-bellied man, sitting on a high cushioned chair surrounded by ledger books and registers and the iron-safe guarded under his elbow, ordering his employees that run around all day long.

Of course, the Bade Lalas – the Ambanis‘, Birlas‘, Tatas‘, well in shape and fit to handle any stress that comes in heading the billions of empire; would replace books and registers by laptops, and instead of casually-dressed employees, there’ll be a team of suit and tie professionals assisting them in running their muti-businesses.

In comparison to them, our chote lalas are the mithaiwalas, telwalas, fruits and vegetables sellers, who are doing extremely well in their own respective regions or areas. For a moment, realize how they play monopoly in your area.

Ask your mother, when she needs to purchase some vegetables, she would immediately run to a particular sabziwala, because of trust that has been built, or because of the proximity to the residence. And don’t forget that extra mirchi or dhaniya, which he willingly puts alongwith the purchase, free of cost! The chatting, the greetings or the bargaining over the price could never be found in air-conditioned shelf lined stores in malls.

Basically, it’s how our market regulates, through a chain of businessmen working at their own levels and still affecting and facilitating each other in the process.

At a core level, all businessmen in India, in general, do a customer-centric, people-focused and relationship-oriented business. Profit may be their agenda but with customer satisfaction.

So, next time when you visit the halwai, at the corner of the road, see how his enterprise is no less than ADAG and its owner is no less than a Ambani!

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