Bunking classes has now become worrying for the students of Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering (BVCoE, Navi Mumbai). This is because an Android based application has started providing regular attendance updates to their parents. This application, which is named ‘Attendr’, promises to replace the traditional yellow book in which attendance is registered.

This application aids the college faculty to register and monitor the students’ attendance digitally. Once a faculty registers the attendance of a class, the collected data is wirelessly transferred to the college server. The data is then sent to the parents individually, letting them know the attendance of their ward. Students can also review their details to confirm 75% compulsory attendance in a semester has been met with.

Attendr is a free application available on Google Play Store. After being installed in a smart device, this application enables the teaching faculty to go paper less when taking attendance.

The application is also fully operational in offline mode, which makes it convenient for the faculty to sync the data anytime in the week. Currently the institute has tied up with a data management company named  ‘SMS Connection’ to send the relevant information to the students’ parents.

”Our principal put forth this idea to digitise the current attendance system. Based on which my classmate and I developed this application. The most difficult part of this application was data collection. Now that Attendr is in its beta phase, we are happy to see it being utilised by the faculty members,” said Faris Ansari, who developed this application along with his classmate Suraj Shetty. Both are fourth year students of B.E at BVCoE

Omkar Khanvilkar, a student of BVCoE who is using the student version of this app, says, “It helps me track my attendance of every lecture, so that I can apply for my holidays accordingly.”

Ms. Nidhi Sharma, a faculty of BVCoE, says, ”This application gives me the ease of deleting erroneous entries and also enables me to track a students’ presence in a particular lecture. As we have many outstation students, Attendr also helps parents stay updated with the attendance details of their ward.”

With sufficient resources being provided by the institute, the students of BVCoE are now trying to develop similar application for iOS devices.

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