Brilliant Placement Opportunities for MBA in Gujarat

A lot of MBA programs have local strength in terms of access to corporate talent, access to jobs and internships etc that differentiate these institutions from other such programs offered in different cities across the country. If you are in the middle of deciding on which MBA program to join in the coming academic session, and have “JOBS” and “Placements” at the top of your list to prioritize your b-school choices, then we would recommend you read this article on MBA placement opportunities in Gujarat and how this can give your career a great launchpad.

In present situation Gujarat has appeared as the hub of economic development. With this economic development, opportunities are also increasing. Gujarat is the destination that is not only progressing but also creating job opportunities for people across the country. Recently, mainly the youth is facing problems in getting job. Gujarat has made strong efforts in amplifying job opportunities for youth across the state.

Gujarat has been regarded as one of the best industrialized state and it has emerged as the SEZ of India. Gujarat may not be at the leading position but after the passing of SEZ act, Gujarat has created some distinct cases which include development of Adani port & Sez Limited, Kandla SEZ, SUR SEZ, Dahej SEZ, Reliance SEZ, Dholera SEZ, Essar SEZ, Sterling SEZ, Indian Infrastructure Corporation Ltd., Mundra Ports & SEZ Ltd all these have enhanced the job opportunities for the youth. Maximum areas are covered under SEZ in Gujarat and this has led to the growth in employment in manufacturing sector. SEZ in Gujarat has been planned in such a way so that they can fetch large amount of dividends which will accelerate industrial development as well as employment opportunities. SEZ is a source of employment generation, they have offered about 2.26 lakhs direct job with total employment of nearly 3.62 Lakh.

Gujarat now is considered as the center of industrialization and most of the industrialists, investors and corporates prefer Gujarat. For instance Tata’s Nano project was accepted by Gujarat Government which not only helped in the development of industrialization but also has increased job opportunities in this state. At present Gujarat is the first choice of some leading companies like Tata Group and Ford who want to invest over here.

However Maruti will start working on Gujarat plant soon, it will build their factory near Mehsana, 300 kilometers away from Mundra port. This initiative will definitely give rise to huge number of employment opportunities for the youth in Gujarat.

As we all know that if someone wants to prosper in his or her career, skill development is very much necessary as it will help one to grow fast in his or her career. Gujarat stood first in providing such skills to the people with the aim of assisting people to get jobs which in turn facilitates industrial development. Gujarat has moved a step further by setting up 20 superior technology training centers, 1,073 skill development, training courses and new skill generation training centre network to help the youth in getting their dream jobs. Gujarat is now regarded as the land of opportunities and it is now at the top position in providing huge number of job opportunities. About 5.50 lakh job opportunities have been created by the Government. As per the recent report of Labour Bureau, 2011- 2012, Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate.

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Due to fast industrial development in Gujarat, there was a high demand from industries, IT firms, Industrial Associations for developing specialized training centers to provide technological skills in order to fulfill the industrial needs. Skill development is the key factor in empowering the youth of India and with the objective of making the youth employable, Gujarat has put more emphasis on skill development and that has generated 73% of total jobs in India. In the year 2014, Gujarat Government, has assured that about 36,500 youth will be recruited and around 22,400 youths will be getting jobs in the year 2015. Beside that it has also been promised that about 2.5 youth will be provided with job in 10 years.

Gujarat is performing remarkably well in providing job assistance to the youth and people across the nations are looking forward to more such opportunities as it will lead to employment generation.

This article is written by Pousali Mukherjee, Management Trainee, Digital Marketing, United World School of Business.

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