After sessions by academic and psychological experts to motivate students in Kota, now speakers from different walks of live are holding motivational sessions to curb stress and depression in the coaching city of Kota. Two such speakers recently held sessions at institutes like Allen Career Institute, Resonance, and Career Point.

Kargil Veteran Major DP Singh, who lost his leg during the conflict in 1999, called upon students to never quit even after meeting failure in studies, career or life. He inspired students to look beyond just examinations. “I failed in my school examinations and also in the NDA examination initially. Even then, I did not lose heart, and finally cracked the Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam, and became an Officer in the Indian Army,” he said. He had planned for a long and promising career in the Army, but losing his leg in the conflict brought those plans to a halt.

Singh did not quit after the mishap, and instead became a Blade Runner – an athlete who runs using a prosthetic foot known as a ‘Blade’. “Life is beautiful, which is what motivates me to run. I have participated in 18 half marathons so far,” he said. He called upon students to prioritise good thoughts to stay positive in life. Singh runs NGO called ‘The Challenging Ones’, with 900 amputee members, of whom 100 amputees participate in marathons to motivate others.


Singh also gave a mantra to students, to pursue physical activities, make friends, and create a habit of giving and sharing with others, among other positive ideas. In an interactive session, students also asked him questions about how to stay positive. Shweta Pradhan, a student, asked him about combating study pressures, to which he replied that students should focus on positive thoughts instead of negative ideas.


Sana Iqbal, a 27-year-old solo bike rider, also ran a public awareness campaign against suicides. A psychology graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad, Iqbal has been on a cross-country trip since November last year, to raise awareness about depression and suicide. Starting from Goa, she has since covered over 8,500 km across 30 cities.

Iqbal said that suicides are not a solution to problems in life. “I was severely depressed in life after my marriage did not work out. But here I am, talking about depression with you,” she said. A corporate behavioural trainer, she said that she has held seminars at over 70 educational institutions during her trip, on the issue of combating depression. “A suicide is the murder of an individual by the society,” she believes, “The person who committed suicide is the victim of the apathy of society.”

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