Birthday !!

This story is a part my imagination and it is not real and neither related to someone personal life. So I urge you to don’t relate it with something else.

7th June 2007

It was Kishor’s birthday. He was on the way to home from his office. His childhood friends have arranged a small party for him at his home. Kishor’s father has bought a new laptop as he had promised him that he will get it on the day on which he will get his first salary. His mother has prepared Kheer Puri for him, which was his favorite. His friends were busy in decoration and Anushree, Kishor’s childhood friend, was helping his mother in kitchen. His father was standing in the balcony, waiting for him to come.

 It was 6:45 pm when he reached bus stop. He was in different world, was imagining the reactions of his parents and Anushree. He again checked his watch and it was 6:55 pm. In his mind “Time is running very fast today, I hope all are waiting for me at home.” All of a sudden he got distracted by the watching a mob on the other side of the road few distance away.

He asked the people around there what’s the matter, but he did not get the exact answer. He went there to see what was happening there. On the way there he listened to a voice asking for help, to save her. Kishor was frightened by this and with lot of courage he went in and he saw a man with a hockey stick and on which the fire was lit. The man was pointing the fire towards the people asking them to leave saying it’s his family problem you go to your work. The people were moving back as the man comes running towards them with that burning stick.

When he reached the center, he saw the girl way badly beaten and partially burnt. There was a little fire on her clothes. She was trying to get up and escape. Kishor was now in front of her. He was watching her, his mind was completely blank. His eyes were open and tears came out. The girl stood up and in few steps she collides with Kishor. All people around Kishor step back again.

The girl fell in front of Kishor and she was begging for help, “Bhaiyya, mujhe bacha lo!”, she held his knees. Kishor tried to get her up on her feet and her father came and pushed him and starts beating him too. Kishor was confused what to do now. He started looking for his bag, why?, he also don’t know. Again the girl came to him. “Bhaiyya, wo mujhe maar denge, mujhe bacha lo bhaiyya!”. Her words made his throat dry and he let her up again. Her father pulled her.

Without a second thought he went there and rescued the girl, he saw the girl was also pregnant and he understood what might be the reason behind this. He urged his father to leave her and not to beat her.

That man who was in so much anger shouted, “She is my daughter, and I know how what is wrong and right, you pick up your bag and go” and he pulled his daughter who was crying, yelling, urging people to save her. Some people were just looking it like a drama and some left the place, nobody was ready to help her.

Kishor’s again went to him and asked her father, leave her otherwise she will die. Her father was in no mood to let her live, he had made his intentions clear of killing her through his beating. Kishor kicked her father, somehow rescued her from her father and started running away from there.

A taxi driver was watching all this. As soon as he saw them running, he ran his taxi towards them. Kishor made her lay on the backseat and they drove off. Taxi driver saw Kishor, he was sweating, breathing fast and was looking outside from the window.

Kishor asked Taxi driver, “What to do now?”

Taxi Driver: I will take you to hospital first, and then we will decide next.

Kishor: Okay!!

Kishor covered the girl’s body with the seat covers. He tried to find his cell phone to tell at home that he will be late and he found that he lost his cell phone there itself and his bag too. There was a silence in the taxi, but the sound of horns of vehicles making it difficult for him to be calm. He was still looking back to see whether her family is following them or not.

He again looked at the girl, she was half awake and crying in pain. She asked for water, but he couldn’t help. Soon they reached hospital.

Next part is yet to be written..