BIM Trichy – SANGAM 2012

For all those who keep wondering whether time travel is possible and whether a time machine can actually be built, We have an answer.

Yes, time travel is possible; and students of Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy do it every year. The Institute over the years has found a unique way of making the past and the present to meet and put up a show that will remain etched in the annals of its History forever. Every year for a week BIM gets into this time machine mode as scores of Alumni flock its premises for Sangam, a week long cultural fest of the institute that allures visitors to the temple city of Tiruchchirappalli (Tamil Nadu), A Beautiful place that BIM calls home. The place where art, dance and music mix together at a time when fun leisure and pleasure strives to take centre-stage.

Kalaicom, the arts and cultural committee of BIM as part of the build-up to the fest had put forward an idea of endorsing a specific colour for every day of the week (Jan 24-28, 2012) leading up to Sangam 2012 to be in tune with this years theme The confluence of colourful memories. Every student was expected to reflect that colour all through the day in all aspects ranging from their dresses to their attitudes and much much more.

Sangam 2012 served as a clarion call of BIMs creative extravagance resounding loudly to invite our illustrious alumni back to their Alma mater.

The week long festivities unfurled with an evening of singing, dance and musical concerts. Even the newly trending Flash Mob, made its presence felt. The sight of a bunch of students fitting into places from different corners of the ground, quickly transforming a chaotic formation into a group of fifty, shaking their legs in sync to the most trending music of our times was a real treat to the eyes.

The students never looked more eager to embrace their hidden skills than they did during this years Sangam. Almost everyone had a chance to showcase their skills in front of a highly appreciative Audience. Such events offer an avenue for every aspiring manager to develop their skills beyond just management and help them evolve into wholesome leaders of tomorrow with a flamboyant personality.

The event also coincided with the convocation function for the passed out batch of 2011. The People who have carved their paths to success and serve as trend setting examples for the future BIMites. Emotions and energy ran full steam as they all saw their two years of hard work in the institute bearing fruit while the incumbent batch cheered on. A feeling of sibling ‘revelry’ filled the air.

The institute revered for the experience it gives for its students, is also known for the bonding it enjoys among its alumni. An attachment so much so, that even after they pass out, it makes them want to come back on the first available opportunity to bask in its environment once again. A testimony to the culture BIM has built over the years. A fact it can proudly boast about.

Every student of BIM leaves behind a legacy worth following. It is only fair to say that BIM has always been an abode of so many such legacies and experiences that serve as lessons for future BIMites. No wonder BIM has been a breeding ground for exceptional leaders for so long.

Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it is upto the readers to research and verify the claims and judgements in the article before reaching a conclusion.