Bidding adieu to family of friends

The Convocation Ceremony is not just another ceremony where we get our degrees, but it is also a celebration that marks the end of our college life. It’s a nostalgic moment for all of us as we get ready to bid adieu to those good old days and prepare ourselves to step out in the world. 

The recent convocation ceremony held at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, was an affair to remember for all of us. Students who were meeting up after a long time spent the entire evening catching up, and fondly reminiscing the best days of their lives spent in the college with each other.

Life is beautiful when you are in the college. From the moment you enter the campus, to the day you pack your bags and leave, there are umpteen occasions that make you cringe at the thought, “Oh! The party is over.” 

You are away from your family, but with your big family of friends in the college. It’s a fun-filled experience, and utterly inexplicable. This second set of the family helps you evolve in a unique way. Once you enter college, you have no one to spoon-feed you, and you are mostly on your own to learn and live. You’re motivated to open up your wings and soar high. You are given a platform to expand your technological horizons and discover yourself in the truest sense. Your friends help you tackle hardships, deal with problems, and in the process, emerge emotionally and psychologically strong.

You spend your days and nights with your friends on the campus. They laugh with you, give you a shoulder to cry, share your grief, joy and everything else too. They become an indispensable part of your being in college. You forge an unbreakable bond with your family of friends in college, and that’s the biggest takeaway. 

I will surely miss my college days and, of course, my friends. 

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