Benefits of reading.

I am a book-worm. I believe that whoever loves reading will agree on the term ‘worm’. Well, here I list down 8 profound benefits of book-reading. Try them. Seriously.

1) Loose weight over it – planned to go on diet regime again? nothing works as charismatic as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s , Lauren Belfer’s City of Light, the third secret, the doomsday, the very obsessive and illicit This is how you loose her , superstition and for some junta Sidney sheldon’s. you will cry your eyes out in the search of the convict and why he targeted all the pretty girls. Well, on few people even Chicken soup for the soul or that kiss in the rain types is effective. Where the kiss happens on the last page after all the high-strung scenes midway. You feel disappointed but hey! at least you forgot about that browny in fridge. Well as I said, depends on your taste!

2) Learn swear-words and practice them over and again- bored of same cliche fouls? wanna learn innovative situation-specific and goal-oriented ones? learn and practice here- with Michael Chabon- where words seem to jump out of book and smack you around – or simply our very Indian out-of-the-IIT authors.

3 ) Pick a character and act as a royalty- Just choose a character you liked the most in first 20 pages and live slowly the loftiness of British Royalty or Dutch realms under his/her disguise. yeah, you can imitate his/her style of speaking as well, just practice in dark when all are slept and you are up there with the holy-writ in your hands feeling goddamned royal in – Jane Austen’s , The Canterbury Papers, The Three Musketeers and alike.

4) Or simply avoid nasty creature beside you- this tactic works wonder. Whenever the unwanted creature tries to get involved with you, nail your head little more inside the page. He will truly curse your safety device. Yeah, another possible pronoun ‘she’ in last sentence missed out deliberately.

5) Want to give somebody slow death- nothing can work as good as pieces like- You Can Win, One hundred years of solitude, One night at the call center, I too had a love story. the best part is that your intentions won’t be doubted because all these books have been bestsellers. word of caution – the side-effects may be too hazardous, use the weapon with moderation.

6) It is so good that you get benefited from reading habit of even others- take an example of the cutie beside you. Well, break the ice with discussion on release of the book/other works of that author/or simply that book in cutie’s hand. if you are desperate enough, Google out first, you don’t wanna make a fool out of yourself there. On benefits of Smart phones, I will be writing another such piece of intense thoughts soon. Word of caution- don’t end up telling his/her whole plot or climax in excitement and under newly gained confidence from Google. May backfire.

7) Test your Eye sight and flexibility- I did my first eye stress-test with Jane austen’s Pride and prejudice. when I finished the whole book in one night under the Nokia’s flashlight. proud! I got to know the extent to which my body can fit and circle within few fixed inches whole night and the different angles I can show off with my neck keeping it at the very same place on a sleeper class dabba of train when I was reading Tell me your dreams. I read that night at such a speed as my life depended on its completion, literally, as my neck could have snapped.

8) Or just simply remind yourself what a great fool you are and how much room of improvement is still left for you.

Well on a serious note, the best/worst thing that you can do to your hours is – Reading. However reading-reluctant you are, prepare yourself to fit in the author’ shoes, give him a slack for initial 30 pages, and believe in him, He will lend you the flavors of a rainbow of emotions and much more! Take a flight of faith; a diligent book will never disappoint you.

As we say, Bookworms will rule the day – as soon as we finish one more chapter..

So what are you reading today??