Because Success Tastes Much Sweeter After Failure

This is a story of two guys. R and A. Both graduated from the same college.

R got a job paying $80000, A could not find anything.

R got the chicks, A was celibate.

R went to daily parties, A was wasting his 20s .

R got promoted, A was a waiter.

R invested in shares, A hardly earned enough to invest.

R lost everything in shares, A found the love of his life.

R was deserted by all girls, A got married.

R was broke, A built a house.

R had no sex, A made love daily.

R desperately wanted to marry, A was soon to become a father.

R resorted to drugs, A resorted to his children.

R lost everything, A found everything.

I hope you understand. Everyone fails in life. Not just at the same time or in the same things. This is your turn. Don’t give up. Fight hard.

Because success tastes much sweeter after failure.