Bank PO Exam: Tips for Para Completion

Para completion is one of the prominent topics in the English Language section of several bank PO examinations. Short paragraphs with a missing sentence is given and the candidates have to choose an appropriate sentence from the given choices to complete the paragraph. The missing sentence can be the introduction, end or sentence from the middle.

The prospect of recognising the author’s line of thought to pick the right sentence may be daunting. However, with the right approach and a few tricks in your arsenal, you an easily crack these questions.

Tips for para completion:

1. Gauge the paragraph’s subject/theme: Read the
paragraph once to know what the author is talking about. This will make it
easier for you to identify the direction of the author’s views, the nature of
points discussed further and thus the right answer.

2. Author’s tone:  The correct choice for the missing sentence would
be extension of the original paragraph and thus will have references to the author’s
style. This includes the general tone of the passage. It tells us whether the
author’s opinion about something is critical, complimentary or simply factual. Keeping
note of the adjectives used is helpful to understand the tone.

3. Continuity: Flow of thought has to be maintained
in the para and thus the answer option Sentences in the paragraph have a
logical flow and the answer option should thus take this flow forward. Sentences
immediately before or after the blank helps you glean what point should follow
or precede.

4. Introductory sentence: If you have to fill in
the opening sentence, look for choices that clearly introduce the
concept/issue, person or location.

5. Middle sentence: Sentence in the middle of the paragraph
will generally be explanatory in nature. Such sentences will contain examples,
comments, comparison, etc.

6. Closing sentence: This sentence sums up the subject
discussed in the paragraph.

What to eliminate?

Elimination is the best tool when it comes to tackling
questions in the English Language section. For para completion, eliminate answer
choices that are:

1. Breaking the flow: An option that breaks the flow
of the para is either a repetition of a previous point or an irrelevant idea

2. Beyond the general theme: A choice that veers
from the main subject/theme of the passage. If the passage talks only about advancements
in biotechnology, specific reference to a particular branch of biotechnology,
say medical or marine, would be unrelated.

3. Lengthy: Sentences that are unusually drawn-out are
deliberately given to confuse you.

4. Not matching with the tone: If the passage has a
positive take on an issue/idea then the answer choice cannot be negative

Consider the following

Iran President Hassan Rouhani’s government is taking measures
to abolish visa requirements for foreign visitors and build as many as 200 new
hotels. The country’s vice-president for tourism, Masoud Soltanifar, said that
“bright days” lie ahead. This upbeat mood is the result of Iran’s historic
nuclear deal that may lead to a significant rise in the number of tourists
visiting the country. _______________ ___________________________. The UAE-based
Rotana hotels is planning to open a number of hotels in Iran. France’s leading
hotelier, Accor, is involved in at least two four-star hotels in the country.

Iran’s unique cultural treasures have thus far remained
largely unseen by western eyes.

After a long time, the nation is set to witness
a staggering rise in number of tourists visiting, thanks to the landmark
nuclear deal.

Experts project that in a few years’ time Iran’s
economy may swing upwards.

Iranian officials have expressed hope that the
country could attract as many as 20 million tourists a year by 2025.


The missing sentence is in the middle of the paragraph.
Choice (a) is incorrect as the statement does not keep up with the flow of the
paragraph though it is related to tourism. Neither does it logically follows the
previous sentence nor is it related to the next sentence.

Choice (b) is incorrect as it is very obviously a lengthy
reproduction of the sentence preceding the blank.

Choice (c) is incorrect as it is beyond the general theme.
Iran’s economic growth is not in discussion here.

Choice (d) is correct as it matches with the flow- after a
statement about rise in number of tourists, it is logical to mention the number of
tourists likely to visit the country. It also keeps up with the tone and
general subject of the passage.