Back Seat Bonanza

Its surprising how the Back Seat is not the first choice so often, be it a class or a be it a bus. I for my part have always been a back bench-er, enjoying all the perks coming along with it. Although It did not start this way , I used to love the front seats in buses and in classes alike, As I grew up , I started eyeing the back seat more. Eating my lunches during the lectures, under the teacher’s nose,without getting caught ,and dozing immediately after it unnoticed , Simply Heaven . Sometimes wonder why the back seat is so looked down upon. You can always chat ,gossip, play pen fight and if you’ve got the guts, even throw paper planes and chalk pieces everywhere. Sure it comes along with its fair share of bumps and jerks as the last seat of a bus does;For instance you can miss out on some important announcements and feel like an utter idiot the next day , You may not fall under the obvious choice list of that beautiful first bench-er who is scoring A’s. Everything comes with a price,these are just some small trade-offs in our beautiful world Bazaar; I realized sitting here today that its truly just a matter of perspective,because from where I see,sitting on this last seat of the bus and looking back from the huge window, I see everyone , everyone, following me, running the chase I lead, but when I look ahead at the one on the first seat, the gaze seems to follow the next thing ahead of the bus; From where I sit, I see hope, opportunities, freedom of choice,I see a Leader. Its just a matter of perspective always; Inside every Back bench-er there is a leader who just needs to look the right way.