At Delhi School of Communication, students are encouraged to think in a futuristic manner: Director

Q 1. What are the top challenges that you are currently working to solve for your institute this year?

Keeping pace with the changing dynamics of the media and communication industry pose a challenge for DSC, which is known to prepare industry ready professionals. This apart, we are currently focusing on these following areas:

1. Expansion in terms of infrastructure, reaching newer audience and innovative courses

2. Partnering with leading foreign institutes for global exposure.

3. Adapting to new teaching technologies including net-based learning modules.

4. Monitoring new courses offered this year, merging technology with academics w.r.t content , faculty and evaluation.

5. Having increased the batch size, we are making internships, apprenticeships and placements more streamlined and systematized. Hence also, laisioning with newer corporates.

6. More intense counseling sessions for more personalized understanding of the student w.r.t their aptitude and preferences for theory-practice interface.

Q. What according to you have been your most significant progress your institute has made in the last one year?

1. Keeping the ethos of individual attention while increasing intake by 40% and managing it with the same drive and quality.

2. Extending operations to a new city – Noida

3. Offering newer courses wrt industry requirements and emerging industries such as Entertainment Management, Film Marketing and Digital Communications.

Q. What are the qualities you look for in an applicant when shortlisting for your final selections?

We look for the hidden qualities of perseverance and hard work.

The Personality Interview seeks to:

· Gauge the ability to be spontaneous

· To think and answer about unrelated issues with a certain clarity and quickness

· To think laterally and relate lifes experiences in varied ways

Q. What according to you is the one progressive change that you’d like to see in the management education scenario in the country today?

To encourage students to think in a futuristic manner e.g. to think about a career vs a job. And to think, first at the corporate and then national level and go beyond the personal, professional to a societal level of contribution and not just doing a job!

Corporates also need to encourage human enterprise and thinking to build the organization and then the society and nation and not just earn profits. Making a contribution within the industry should be a benchmark of performance evaluation beside the daily/weekly/monthly reporting. Such thinking can be encouraged by holistic, futuristic education which lasts for the a longer innings both personally and professionally.

The Government must also help smaller/medium sized institutes who have been delivering quality education, participate in futuristic decision making w.r.t management education. Generally it is taken for granted that a big size and infrastructure mean big thinking. However small sized boutiques also offer greater quality and earnestness. They deserve recognition and government facility in taking qualitative strides in their offerings.