I need to write about my ” Formative Years” in about 50 word for a B-School GD-PI form. So, like any other aspirant I looked up for the meaning of this phrase on Google and tried to collect as many samples from seniors as possible. After initial set backs I finally conjured enough material that can fill up more than 500 words and this is when I started to scratch my head. I had too much to say but was asked to write all in just 50 words. It was like my Engineering days all over again when I used to copy the technical assignments from different sources and submitted them as my own. This flashback has completely transformed the phrase ” My formative years” into “My formative years- A trick question.”

Formative years means , if you will look it in any dictionary, a transitional period of development between youth and maturity. But this doesn’t tell you anything; what is maturity ??? Do we have any algorithm for it ??? How does one know he has matured ??? I looked for some clarity in the samples I had, but basically what all of them said is that one needs to grow up somewhere between his HSE and Engineering Degree. All of them unanimously said that the choice of an MBA is a mature decision and it is very different from the ones they took earlier.

To tell you the truth my MBA decision or as some aspirants like to call it a “dream” is a result of the Rat Race. I inherited this race like all of you and shall leave it as my legacy for the generations to come. My dream had a cricket bat and a Kookaburra ball to begin with. But eventually it got assassinated as it stood against the norms of the Rat Race. I was unhappy with the decision but I had to comply and accept the dream which had a perfect laid out road map.

Score 90 plus percentage in HSE .Crack Engineering entrance exams. Complete B-tech with honors. Write MBA entrance exams. Do an MBA.

After pursuing every goal step by step it is only humane to believe that these goals have been my creations all along. I have written MBA entrance exams which is the 2nd last step of a flawless career awarded to me along with a birth certificate. So as you can see I am still to make a decision on my own, but first let me write about my formative years as the GD-PI form submission date is fast approaching…………………………………………………………………………….

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