Aryans College of Law: LLB, BA-LLB Students Faces court Proceedings at Punjab and Haryana High Court

Aryans College of Law
Aryans College of Law

Moving towards better learning students of LLB and BA-LLB of Aryans College of Law (ACL), Rajpura, near Chandigarh, designed a visit Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh. Students visited various courtrooms to learned and observed the court proceedings.

This visit was intended at making the students aware of the functioning of multiple bodies of justice & to learn the High Court styles and procedure quick decisive justice to the people who were liked and admired by all students. Students also got an excuse to meet Hon’ble Mr. Justice Fateh Deep Singh. He encouraged the students to stay focused and strong-minded.

He urged students to start practice as an advocate from the trial courts. This was a wonderful initiative carried which provided practical learning to the students.

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The purpose of the visit was to understand the working of a court, the nature, and duties of the judicial officers. The visit also helped the student to understand the role of the court in making them aware about the importance of justice and give an idea about the role of prosecutors, the way cases proceed in a court, the way judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers manage the case, the association of the prosecutors and the police. Also, it relates themselves to the opportunity and how the actual need for coordination in the four pillars of the criminal justice system.

Practical working in the courts and the one we imagine and then experience are three different worlds. And this initiative also made the students understand the discipline adopted in court and also make them proud to be a part of something so big.

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