The grind is not over yet for students who have appeared for JEE Mains 2016. Though the scores have been announced, JEE authorities are yet to declare the ranks secured by lakhs of candidates who appeared for the JEE. The rank scored by a candidate will determine his/her eligibility for a particular institute during the allocation process. The students across the country have been checking various sites to predict their ranks. But are these websites accurate in their calculations? PaGaLGuY finds out.

“I have scored 146 in JEE Mains 2016 and expecting 87% in the Board exams. I am trying various sites to predict my rank to know the colleges where I will be eligible of securing a seat,” says Utasha Singh, from Delhi. She is not the only one. There are countless others who have been predicting their ranks on various websites. Ironically, the ranks predicted by the sites are hardly ever close to the ranks actually secured by the students. “I too had fallen into this trap when I had appeared for JEE. Unfortunately, there was a huge difference in the rank predictors and my actual rank. I have discouraged my younger brother from checking them,” says Utkansh Bajaj, a second-year student at IIT Roorkee.

Are you wondering as to why JEE ranks have not been declared yet? If yes, then it is because the Central Board of Secondary Education is yet to declare the Class 12 result. The JEE rank is calculated by giving 40% weightage to the marks scored in Class 12 Board exams.

So, even if various states have declared their results, JEE will release the ranks only after CBSE result is out. That’s not all, due to the difference in state boards and CBSE pattern, the score have to be normalised after which the ranks will be declared. 

But students are an eager and anxious lot, and they can’t stop logging in to these websites to predict their ranks.

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