Apna to ho hi jayega?

I’ve seen people expecting their scores nearer to the cutoff are being disheartened and then some friends give them false hope and they start wasting their time assuming “Apna to ho hi jayega”.


The point is just PREPARE, if you get into mathematical calculations, you’ll lose out.If you want to get a real picture, I’ve worked it out in a most logical way i can.But dont panic then.

Last year cut off was 61 , that meant 24.40 out of 80. Now if a guy had scored 18 in interview , he would have got 42.40 and cutoff was 42.He might have cleared.

Now for this year, if you guys get 85-86, you’ll score 34.4 and score about 17-18 in interview, you will reach 51-52 and give a tough fight.But for that score, you need to prepare rigourously.Anything less than that will fetch you negative result.

Truth is It wont be easy for the bottom lot ,actually extremely difficult.Cutoff will be around 50 this time as CWE cutoff was significantly higher than PO3.

Don’t be in blind faith that you can easily clear, but understand its not impossible and start working.We still got ample amount of time left.We have worked so hard, lets not stop here and ruin everything we have achieved.One more hour, one more day, one more chapter will make a difference.Dont stop now.Now is the time.

All the best