Any confusion about IIFT-K?

It seems that there is a lot of confusion regarding IIFT-K. I’ve done some research on the same topic, and found out the following:

1. IIFT K will have its new campus inaugurated in May 2015.

2. IIFT-K students have continuously (for the past 3 years) topped IIFT merit lists after two years of MBA.There is NO and absolutely no discrimination at all. 

3. Placements happen in unison and there is no discrimination except for 3 companies (ITC,CBC and one more, that too because IIFT K is less than 10 years old, it will complete 10 years in January 2016). 3/80 companies..I hope everyone gets the drift.

4. There is no median, average package specifically released for Kolkata students. My ‘placecommer’ friend told this to me. BTW, IIFT-D and IIFT-K have a single placement team for both campuses together. 

5. The curriculum is same and Kolkata faculties fly to Delhi and vice-versa.Check the website. 

6. IIFT being under Ministry of Commerce, its placement reports are audited by GOI and therefore authentic.

7. The batch size of IIFT at present is around 250, which is much smaller compared to other B-schools.

Also read the following to know from the horse’s mouth about IIFT-K…

You can have a look at photos of the new campus here: 

Read IIFT-K’s blog here: