Analyzing Managers

There are different kinds of managers in this world.

Some have a deep, everlasting impression on you within the first two encounters, which most of the times is over a team gathering or meeting. You are inspired to be like them each time you meet them. And when you meet them personally, they encourage you, are supportive of your decisions and give you their views/feedback, positive or negative.

Some managers are like your friends. Not chaddi buddies, but still genuinely concerned friends. They are direct and frank but never rude. They will tell you your strengths the same way they tell you your areas of improvement. With them you may not get what you want but you will surely get what you deserve.

And then there are some managers who are geniuses in dropping sugar coated bombs. It will take you a while to understand that they are actually angry and upset with your work even though they say it sweetly. But if you can bear with them, try and look at the brighter side, stay cool, be in their good books and have a little patience, you will eventually get what you want (from them).

Some managers are practical and rational. They may not be your friends or buddies. But more importantly they are hassle free, no-nonsense people. It’s important not to get too carried away by their approachability and practical nature and get too emotional with them. It’s important to remember that they are just doing their job, part of which is to ensure positive team spirit.

There are others who aren’t your managers officially, but still love to behave like one. They are interfering and annoying. They love to advice everyone on everything. But there is little you can do about it, apart from praying for the team working under them.

And finally there are some who are complete *holes. You can feel your energy draining out when you’re near them. They pretend to be the best, to know it all, to be the boss. They try to impress you with stuff when really they are just flattering their ego. They pretend to care, to be concerned when actually it’s only the money your work is going to save or lose that matters to them. You can’t wait for the day you throw your job at them and walk away, vowing never to meet them again in your life.

But it’s managers like them that make you realize how grateful you are when you have the other types of managers.