An Important Ingredient in a Marketing Plan: IPL Knowledge Series

A successful product positioning is when your target market thinks about your product instead of your competitor’s products. When you hear Rolls Royce automobile, what comes to your mind first? High-end luxury car for an elite list of clients! That’s how they’ve chosen their positioning to be. In other words, there’s no ambiguity in the positioning of Rolls Royce.

So why does product positioning become so important for the marketing plan?
Product positioning should never be ignored as it is one of the most contributing factors in the buying process. It is imperative to establish and influence the market’s perception of your products.

Ignoring to address product positioning well in advance, will end up affecting the acceptance of the product. Irrespective of your inputs, customers form an opinion of your product based on the information easily available from competitors and others, which may not go down too well in the end.

Through clear, concise and meaningful product positioning, you will be able to save the madness of relentless advertising and marketing noise of the marketplace. Product positioning gives a context and connection to your product in their minds so the product can be better received.

For instance, consider how automobile manufacturers position their products in the market through various communication channels like television commercials during sporting events to announce the launch of their products, or how cosmetics manufacturers run full-page, full-colour, attractive ads in women’s magazines to woo their targeted audience.

For any product, product positioning lays the foundation for an effective marketing plan as it directly impacts the ultimate purchase decision of the consumer .

Remember, great products start with empathy for the end user. Your product will eventually be a success in the market only if you can connect heart to heart with your end users and feel their pain as yours. What you really ought to do for that is, walk a mile in your customer’s shoes!