An IITian, Shrawan Kumar keeps an example of “no job is small.”

An IITian, Shrawan Kumar keeps an example of “no job is small.”

The question always remains the same but only comes up using different, brave names. After 27year old Abhishek Dhama, who had surprised his family and others by giving up on his engineering degree for joining agriculture and being called “farmer” and raising thousands of questions like “why did you do engineering if you wanted to be a farmer?”

Another youth name Shrawan Kumar has started the walk wearing the same shoes with different field raising the same questions again. Shrawan Kumar is from Bihar and has completed his B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT Bombay. A youth from India’s premier institute for engineering has surprised all by taking a job which not at all fits his qualification but falls way below it. Shrawan Kumar had surprised everyone, including his colleagues when they realized an IITian Bombay is willfully doing the RRB Group D job. Further, they added it was a shock when they saw someone with such an advanced degree accepting a ‘Group D’ post. He imputed RRB Group D Posting as a ‘trackman’ despite having an engineering degree from IIT Bombay due to ‘job safety’.

When Shrawan Kumar was questioned about it, he said he wanted to become a Government Servant since childhood and join a Sarkari Naukri. It is showing his confidence that he will be able to crack an ‘officer-level’ role in Government Sector soon.

It was confusing whether the decision taken by this youth is smart or stupid, but we should admit it is brave keeping an excellent example that no work is small.

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