An Engineer by Profession; A Painter by Passion

Dr. Ajay K Sharma is the Director of National Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has achieved a number of accolades for his contributions in the field of science. He is a life member of some of the most prestigious societies of the world. He has also published over 270 research papers in different journals and 12 books. He is a coach to most of his colleagues and an educator for those who look up to him. He has a professional experience of about 25 years, but surprisingly, science and technology are not his only interests. He is a devoted painter too.

Only a handful of people are familiar with this hobby. He has been painting since childhood, an art he learned by observing his elder brother. His paintings show an in-depth zeal for creativity. He has mastered the art of oil painting and has won several competitions in both School & College. When PaGaLGuY asked him about the secrecy of this hidden talent, he laughed and said ‘ There is no particular reason. I never got a chance to share this because there are several different topics which keep me busy’. He painted even while doing his B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) from Punjab University, Chandigarh because he felt that it helped him in letting out emotions and almost acted as a source of meditation. He strongly feels that there should be some activity or hobby through which one can express without having the want to speak.