An Empty Corridor

Sitting in the auto rickshaw, when I passed by my campus I looked around, I felt something different. Nothing has changed in this place right from the main door where the guard sits with his register, the plant life, the foothills, the winds, the building, and infrastructure. Everything appeared to be the same. In the beginning I didn’t realize what was the different feeling I had in me. I thought everything is the same and once I reach the hostel probably things will appear normal to me. But no, it didn’t happen even after reaching the drop down point.

I wanted to find out what the difference really was. I took the same rickshaw back till the entrance of the academic block and decided to take a walk through the campus.

Walking on the pavements with a bag on my shoulder and a stroller, I passed by the reception and the lawns, the library in line to it on the other side is where my class room is next to the IT lab. I reached the door of the IT lab; from there the sight gives the complete picture of whole campus. I was standing in front of the IT lab facing long way the whole corridor.

Then I understood the different feeling I had in me. The change I sensed was the loneliness of the campus. Standing there I recollected the memories (snapshots in my mind) of everyone I know attacking the notice board in large groups to catch hold of placement figures, updates, regular time tables, exam schedules, results. Everything right there happens in a very busy way. The corridor I am standing in, I knew it as the most crowded and a very place in whole campus where my fellow mates including me are spotted hurrying for our classes, exams, presentations, submissions, activities etc. sitting in the same corridor waiting for a long time.The list included viva’s, student council meetings, selection procedures, our presidents addressals so on and so-forth…

It also reminded me of those winning moments with my friends, the fort night before exams or any presentation or debate or a selection procedure. No matter what it is, the preparation was always intense (could it be a silly topic or a complicated one), which leads to a discussion with my peer and best friend, which never ends the same way it starts. It starts with a small point where the discussion begins, then the understanding increases, sharing of thoughts happens and then begins the word war between us countering and grilling each other. And yes, we also have a token for the winner. It never makes sense of any competition without a prize for the winner. And the prize of our competition would be a coffee bill in the late night café (on campus) or it could be a snack or sometimes might end up little expensive(with a few drinks).

These are small things that add more meaning to the college life.All these are just one of those priceless memories and experiences I carry with me when I will be stepping out of ISB&M.;

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