Always the Monkey is benefited in the fight of two cats

It is the fact that when two person are involved in a fight both of them loses something but in the fight there is always a gainer, and the gainer is a third fellow who is not involved in the fight. The third person does not have any relation with the fight but still he gains something because the other two have lost something in the fight may be more or less.

The story which we came across in the school days book is also evident in the real world. The only change is, now both the cats and monkey have become smart, the only difference lies that who is smarter. Whether it continues to be the monkey who can engage the two cats in a fight and get the benefit or the two cats mutually agree to stay together and thrash the monkey.

USA is the supreme power in the world. Whoever is sitting on a throne always has a fear of losing it. Even USA is scared of the rapid growth of two Asian giants India and China. China being more threatening to USA after surpassing it to become the highest exporter and will become the country to use the maximum energy by 2015. If the growth rate of China continues to grow at a steady rate of 9%, in some years it will be the country with highest revenue. With recent surveys it is evident that Yean the currency of China is more preferred as payments for their exports by other south Asian countries. To tackle all these problems USA has shaken hands with the next in line India whose economy was growing by 8% till last year. By being friend with India, USA can manipulate things and trying to strategize something to stop the rapid growth of China.

There were instances like China building some bunker near the border with India which further hampers the relation. USA smartly denied to take a stand in this situation and left it over on India to tackle with the situation. USA is well aware of the strength of China so they refrain themselves to come out in open against them but want India to indulge in a fight with China so that it could somehow weaken both the countries and the threat to the crown is destroyed.

To sum up, India must be aware of the strategy which USA is planning and China should play smartly in not focusing on India. Instead a mutual agreement of both the countries will help in the evolution of their economy further thus dethroning the supreme power of USA.

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