[Alumni Speaks]-IMI Is The Reason For Where I Am Today

IMI, as I see
today has taken huge strides to redefine its identity, grown tremendously and
developed more comprehensively in its journey to the top B-schools in India. Being
the last educational qualification that I have, IMI holds immense significance
in my life. It laid strong foundations for me and is the reason for where I am
today. I carry along with me the quintessential learning from the excellent
faculty and the few friends that I made, even today.

With the
Introduction of specialized courses like B&FS and HR and the various MDP
programmes that are conducted, it has tried to bridge the gap with the industry
and give the students a clearer picture of the corporate. In terms of ranking, it
has built its niche amongst the leading institutions of India. It has improved
in terms of its infrastructure and has always been revered for its high
intellect and knowledge capital reflected in our esteemed faculties and
management leaderships. Today, a strong alumni network has become the backbone
of the Institution.

As far as my
personal self goes, my journey at IMI has been very enriching. It has enabled
me to broaden the horizon of thinking and has given me a wider perspective to
deal with different kinds of situations. Coming back to IMI is always a
cherished feeling as it brings back the memories of the bygone days and makes
me nostalgic. I feel proud to have been a part of IMI.

When I came to
IMI, the prospects of my academics and qualifications were not too bright. IMI
gave me relevant knowledge about the industry trends that helped me understand
the niceties of corporate institutions better. Via various means that it has,
IMI has enabled me to enhance my personality and make me a stronger and a more
confident person, thus shaping me better to face the real world challenges of
the corporate life.

While I walk down the memory lane, fond memories of IMI makes me
smile even today. Being the cultural secretary I conducted ‘Kritva’ and various
other events, along with my team. The entire experience of conceptualising the
idea to implementing it, getting sponsorship from the industries, coordinating
with various colleges, and running around the campus trying to deliver to the
requirements, are somethings I will never forget. The sleepless nights, the
long discussions, the late night coffee; all these still resonate with me and
will still be as fresh for another 20 years.

Lastly, I would
like to say is that as one gets out of IMI, he is not only restricted to the
classes and library but also to an overall exposure in terms of coordinating,
participating, and winning in various activities in college as well as deriving
the maximum learning from the summer Internship Programme. Being active and
involving oneself in everything is very important and it helps in the holistic
development of an individual, making him a complete professional.

– Parikshit Jaipuria

(Batch of 2009)