SPJIMR’s GMP built a strong foundation in India, with an opportunity of international exposure. I decided to join GMP as it was a global program with global exposure (within Nyenrode, you visit three different economies and understand their business practice and culture – this to me was the driver). I also wanted to go back to books after three year of work to stay relevant and develop new skills.

Today when I look back, I am proud to have taken a good decision in my personal and professional life. Sometimes you have to choose the road less taken – this was one of them. While it has its own hardships, eventually it makes one a better person, professionally.

GMP did play a critical role in my career to carve a niche, it pretty much shaped my future and changed my perspective. I am now part of a global workforce and focusing on the topic close to my heart – sustainability – it is the future of mankind.

My advice to prospective aspirants is to take a leap forward, it is the journey that counts; think and act unconventional – try uncharted territories – be young, curious and bold.


Author – Nishant Parekh

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