Alliance Students Speak: When Theory Started To Come Alive

There are many fields in different industries that offer internship such as healthcare, retail, hotels, e-commerce, information technology, human resource, operations, finance, marketing, etc. However, my internship was in a retail industry with Bata India Limited.

The transition from a student status to a corporate environment was magnificent. Undeniably it was a challenge at the very preliminary stages to convey the right attitude by assuring minute details to be appropriate and vital. But this challenge has brought good vibes and motivated me towards the goals and objectives of the project. All the magical words in the text book appeared so real, one could essentially sense it.

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Studying a theory and implementing that particular theory in real-time scenario does matter a lot and I would say it is one of the wonderful experiences one can ever come across. My journey with Bata from day one was a great learning exposure and with each passing day I have acquired the most out of it in all respects.

Thank you Alliance for the diverse education you provide for me. You’ve fostered my love of learning, a craving for knowledge, and a deep respect for academia. You taught me how to have focused passion, steadfast determination, and insatiable curiosity.

I’m comforted by the thought of all the skills you’ve helped me cultivate. Without you, I wouldn’t have a firm foundation for the “real world.” You’ve given me encouragement every step of the way. You have shaped my college career, and provided building blocks for my future.


Ms. Parasmita Deka,

MBA 2014 – 16

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