Allen Career Institute, Kota organised an event ‘Bhakti Mai Masti Ki Pathshala’ on Saturday for the spiritual connect and recreation of its students. Thousands of students from the institute participated in spiritual activities like bhajans, religious dances and tableau presentations. Directors of the institute, faculty members and students chanted patriotic and devotional hymns.  

The institute had organised a similar event called ‘Masti Ki Pathshala’ (Fun Day) in December last year to tackle growing stress among students. While drawing and painting, song and dance, jokes and other events had dominated the ‘fun day’, the institute has this time taken a spiritual route for personal development of its students. 

Allen Career Institute organised a ‘Sanskar Mahotsava’ at its new campus named ‘Samyak’ in Kunhadi area of Kota city on Saturday evening. Naveen Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute, Kota, said, “Sanskar Mahotsava is an effort to inculcate a cultural and spiritual connect among the students along with providing recreation in a healthy manner. Besides, the event also allowed students with some leisure time apart from their hectic study schedule.” Vaidahi Sharma, a student at the institute, said, “The event was an opportunity for us to express our spiritual side through music and dance.” 

Further, the event also served as a platform to awareness among students about the sanitation campaign initiated by the government. Balloons of ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ were released in the air in escalation to the awareness campaign.

At the end of a fulfilled evening, Maheshwari assured the students that the second instalment of Sanskar Mahotsava would be organised in the institute’s old campus in Kota later this month. 

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